Associate Professor & Co-Chair, Department of Sociology, Johnson County Community College

Debi gave a professional presentation with excellent balance.  Scholarly perspectives and scientific findings were given accurate and thorough coverage while personal anecdotes made the information relatable and accessible. Debi’s passion is palpable, and even for those who do not understand transgender issues, it is difficult not to be moved by a mother’s fierce desire to advocate for and defend her child.



Rector, Queen’s University

Debi was an astoundingly poignant speaker, presenting an incredibly complicated set of concepts and issues in a way that everyone could very easily understand. Debi very clearly understood the importance of making sure the information she was presenting was accessible and accurate, and she evidently did a great deal of homework and preparation to exceed my expectations in those areas. Yes, she’s the parent of one trans* child, but she has the knowledge and expertise to speak eloquently and confidently on a wide array of trans* concepts and issues. She kindly and patiently answered questions from the audience without hesitation. One student in particular approached me after the presentation and told me that she had attended without any idea of what to expect, and that she was blown away by the thoroughness of Debi’s work. She told me she was going to go home and read more about these issues because she was inspired. I can only imagine more in the audience felt the same way.

Bringing Debi to our campus to speak to our students was one of the best decisions I’ve made in this job. Anyone who is looking to have trans* issues discussed and broken down in plain language that anyone can understand and interact with would be well-served to work with Debi. An inspiring professional and delightful human being, I’d recommend her to anyone!