Workplace Training

Business success starts with a workplace environment that promotes positive employee morale. If you attract and retain the best employees by emphasizing respect and valuing diversity, your business can attract new customer bases as they become even more diverse than the workforce itself.

Whether you are a sole-proprietor or a company with thousands of employees, becoming educated about the transgender community can improve your bottom line.

Most workplace diversity training programs don’t cover inclusion of trans employees. We will cover best practices for creating a positive business environment that supports trans employees, employees with trans family members, and transgender customers. We begin by teaching about gender diversity, inclusion, and why supporting the transgender community leads to business success. Without a solid understanding of what a transgender person faces, many business fall short in being truly supportive.

With our training, everyone in your organization will learn why it’s important to support gender non-conforming and trans people, the dangers of not being supportive, and will be more likely to embrace non-discriminatory policies.

Workplace training meeting about transgender inclusivity

This training series covers:

Gender Identity and other Transgender Terminology

  • Gender Identity vs Sexual Orientation
  • Gender Presentation, Gender Roles
  • Transgender Umbrella
  • Non-Binary Identities


Myths vs Facts: Transgender Stats and Stereotypes

  • Mental Disorder that can be Fixed through Counseling, WPATH Recommendations
  • Too Young to Know
  • Not a Real Man or Woman without Surgery
  • Non-Discrimination Laws are Special Treatment
  • Trans People Aren’t Happy After Transitioning


Understanding Privilege, Danger, and the Coming Out Process

  • Pronouns and Microaggressions
  • Discriminatory Terms/Practices
  • Put Yourself in a Trans Person’s Shoes
  • How to React to a Coming Out Moment


Gender Messages All Around Us

  • Messages from Friends and Family
  • Messages from Society
  • Messages from Media
  • Imagine Being Transgender


Are You a Boy or a Girl?

  • Ages and Stages of Gender Identity Awareness
  • Stories of Trans Youth
  • The Importance of Affirming Youth, Statistics You Should Know


Transgender Inclusion Matters to Business

  • Respectful, Positive Work Environment
  • Attract & Keep Employees Who Value Others
  • Best Practices Offer Fairness and Inclusivity
  • Minimize Complaints and Lawsuits
  • Enhance PR as a Forward-Thinking, Inclusive Organization


Employee Transition Plan

  • Designating a Gender Transition Leader with HR
  • Setting a Timeline
  • Dress Codes
  • ID and Record Changes
  • Maintaining Employee Privacy
  • Co-Worker Training and Non-Discrimination Policy Review


Bathrooms and other “Private” Spaces

  • Myth vs Fact Review
  • Who is Really at Risk?
  • Health Implications
  • Separate is Not Equal
  • Privacy is a Right of Everyone


Company Health Benefits

  • Costs of Inclusive Coverage vs Losing, Hiring, Training Employees
  • Inclusion of Gender-Related Mental Health Care
  • Inclusion of Gender-Affirming Health Care
  • Working with Insurance Companies on Policy Updates
  • Benefit Coverage for both Employees AND Dependents


Trans-Inclusive Customer Service

  • Discrimination Means Lost Profits
  • Use Gender-Neutral Language with Customers
  • Unisex Restrooms/Changing Rooms
  • Marketing to the Trans Community and Their Loved Ones